Hello and welcome to my site. I am a historian by trade and currently Lecturer in Global History (500-1500 CE) at the University of Leeds. My research examines interactions between political and economic networks in the western Indian Ocean in Late Antiquity (c. 200-800 CE). I am interested in the intersection of global and highly localised, embodied histories and use textual and material evidence, with a focus on coins, to understand relationships between the familiar and the foreign, the personal and the imperial. This is a research trajectory that has led me to studying, presenting and publishing on post-colonial understandings of ancient Indian history, collecting histories, and the role of coin imagery and materiality in ancient and medieval contexts, as well as close studies of texts and coin assemblages from the Eastern Mediterranean to East Asia. Currently I am working on a range of articles, and a monograph bringing together many years of research into the Late Antique western Indian Ocean.

Alongside research work, which has enabled me to build networks and collaborative projects around the world, I also love teaching in an exciting and friendly environment. My courses at BA and MA level use a combination of material and textual sources and introduce historiographical debates linking the ancient past to modern concerns. It is my privilege to supervise PhD students working on topics in numismatics, Byzantine economic history, intellectual history and early Islamic history. Between 2020 and 2022 I will not be teaching, thanks to a British Academy Wolfson Fellowship, enabling me to focus exclusively on research.

This website is supplementary to my institutional profile page. It gives me more freedom to talk about the connections between my research, teaching and administrative work, and the wider scholarly communities to which I belong. It also provides a platform for sharing copies of my publications, and keeping a record of work in progress, papers and conferences. Finally, the blog is updated intermittently, but is a chance to share in more detail (and keep a record for myself!) of specific activities, projects and research visits I’ve undertaken. If you are interested in any aspect of my work or would like more information about work in progress or projects in development, please do not hesitate to contact me.