Classical Association of Ghana, 1st Inaugural Conference, 11-12 October 2018

Me with Dr Michael Okyere Asante at El Mina, a moving and troubling place to visit. Thank you to everybody who helped to arrange the trip!

Between 11th and 12th October 2018 it was a great honour and pleasure to participate in the 1st Inaugural Conference of the Classical Association of Ghana. The two-day programme featured a range of fascinating papers ranging from Greek philosophy and drama to Roman law and historiography. Throughout, the focus on the importance of the classics in the modern world was a persistent and refreshing focus. The organisers should be congratulated on the smooth running of the event, and a stimulating and varied range of presentations. Hopefully this will result in a published collection of papers in the next year or two, and in the meantime I look forward to working together with the Department of Classics at the University of Ghana.

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