Birkbeck-Bilkent British Academy Writing Workshop Programme 2018

Members of the Writing Workshop group in Ankara, September 2018.

Between May and November 2018 a British Academy Writing Workshop Grant provided the means for scholars from the Universities of Birkbeck, Leeds, Birmingham and Ain Shams to spend time at Bilkent University, Ankara, working with eight early career scholars from Turkey and Egypt. Organised in collaboration with my good friend, Dr Luca Zavagno, Bilkent University, I very much valued the chance to get to know a wonderful group of young researchers and their work. The workshops featured sessions on peer review, the publication process and strategies for applying for funding. They also give members a chance to receive feedback on drafts of article work, and gave us all precious hours in which to work undisturbed on our publications. The workshops have helped many of us to build connections and friendships which we hope will continue to shape our academic world for years to come!

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