BA Teaching

Below are details of modules that I have designed and taught, either independently or in collaboration with other colleagues in my department. In addition I have been invited to offer individual sessions within courses designed and convened by other members of my department.

July 2016-, Approaching the Past, Exploring the Past, Writing the Past (Hub Courses, Level 4-6, BA Full-time years 1-3)

    • Core skills ‘Hub’ modules, Levels 4-6. Prof. Matt Cook and I developed from 2015 onwards the concept of ‘Approaching the Past’, ‘Exploring the Past’ and ‘Writing the Past’, as Year 1, 2 and 3 (FT) modules, which structure the experience of a degree in the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, taking students from referencing and note-taking to writing their dissertation, along with developing cohort identity and strong peer-networks to support resilient learning. I have rolled out these modules and made necessary modifications over the academic years 2016/17-2019/20.

July 2017-, The Medieval World: from Constantine to the Khans (Level 4, BA Full-time year 1)

    • Co-designed and taught with Dr Matthew Champion and Dr Kate Franklin. A completely new Level 4 survey course, introducing students to the Middle Ages through a focus on primary sources and guided discussion in seminars. It uses diversified assessment and makes use of extensive additional supporting material made available via Moodle. More information is available here: Medieval World 18-19

2016/17, 2019/20, Between God and Rome: the Byzantine Empire, 330-1453 (Level 5, BA Full-time year 2)

    • Solo design and teaching. This Level 5 course takes a thematic view of Byzantine history as a foundation for exploring ideas of medieval (and modern) notions of other, Europe and Asia and the role of religion and tradition in shaping society. More information is available here: Darley – Between God and Rome

October 2015 and 2017, From Ancient to Medieval Societies (Level 5, BA Full-time year 2)

    • This module was developed by colleagues in HCA before I joined the department. I initially co-taught it with Dr Caroline Goodson in my first year at Birkbeck, bringing to a survey of Late Antiquity (up to 800) increased coverage of the Roman East, the economy of the Late Roman Empire and the Sasanian Empire. In 2017 I co-convened the course with Dr Clare Vernon, and considerably altered the Late Antique content to include a thematic session co-taught with a colleague from Bilkent University, a tour of the map collection of the British Library and use of a student wiki as an element of classroom presentations. More information is available here: FAMS 2017-18

2019/20, Failed states? Category and critique, AD 1‒present in Europe, Asia, Africa (Level 6, BA Full-time year 3)

    • Co-designed and taught with colleagues working on the Ottoman Empire, decolonisation in southern Africa and Cold War Berlin, this course questions the concept of ‘failure’ as a historical concept and uses diachronic comparison and juxtaposition of primary sources and theoretical debates to invite students to explore the relationship between narratives of failed states across time.

Dissertation Supervision

Since joining Birkbeck I have successfully supervised several BA dissertations on topics including the archaeology for the Roman cult of Mithras, disputes in the early Church (1st century AD), the role of gender in the Viking world, Muslim-Christian relations in medieval Spain and the Roman rhetoric about barbarians in modern far-right discourse. I have also mentored dissertation students working on the role of Maoism in Naxalite movements in India and on the role of China-hands in the development of US foreign policy in the mid-twentieth century.

Contributions to other courses

‘Gender in the Middle Ages’, a seminar on Byzantine empresses (Level 5, BA Full-time year 2); ‘Materials and Objects in Archaeology’, two seminars on using numismatic evidence (Level 6, Full-time year 3)