July 2018-, Bloomsbury Publishing Global Medieval Platform

    • Advising Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd. on product design and content selection for a digital platform for teaching and research in the global Middle Ages.

November 2015-, University of Leeds Special Collections

    • Coin identification and advice on storage and exhibition of coins to University of Leeds Special Collections, including work on coins of Palmyra.

August 2015-, Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

    • I have worked with BMAG to examining their coin collection, advise on sustainable storage and develop plans for cataloguing and exhibiting material.  I have also contributed to grant proposals on the qualities of the numismatic collection, which have so far succeeded in keeping the museum open (against serious financial threat) and enabling major structural work and expansion of study space. I have also facilitated access to the collection by students from Birkbeck and the University of Saskatchewan.

June 2013-, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham

    • Beyond my work as interim curator (see ‘Employment’), I have continued to work with the Barber Institute of Fine Arts to promote and develop their collection.