MA Teaching

Below are details of my two sole-designed and delivered MA modules. Both have received extremely positive student feedback and produced dissertations in related fields. Four applications for PhD study have arisen from these courses. In addition, I have taught on and convened the MA programme in Medieval History, involving seminars linking broad thematic topics to medieval evidence.

2016/17, Mapping the Middle Ages: from Ptolemy to Planoudes

    • This MA module explores cartography in the Middle Ages from the perspective of maps as depictions of world views and ways of organising information. Weekly tasks, including creating versions of the maps being studied to reflect journeys or experiences of space in the students’ own lives drew extremely positive feedback, and the standard of assessed work for this course (all students achieved over 65%) reflected keen engagement with an unfamiliar topic. Two students wrote dissertations on related topics. More information is available here: Darley – Mapping the Middle Ages – 1617

2015/16, 2017/18 Money and Empire

    • This MA module explores money as a comparable and widely distributed category of evidence for exploring the social, economic and political structures of the Late Antique world. It develops an awareness of economic theory alongside artefact analysis. Weekly identification and drawing tasks enabled students to develop skills of use in archaeological contexts, as well theoretical knowledge. Several students have written dissertations on related topics and one student successfully applied for and won funding to complete his MPhil and PhD at Birkbeck on monetary history as a result of this course. More information is available here: Money and Empire 201718

Dissertation Supervision

Since joining Birkbeck I have successfully supervised several MA dissertations on topics including the military capabilities of the Merovingian state, the historiography of Indo-Roman trade and the role of hagiography in Late Antique female experience

Contributions to other courses

‘Birkbeck Approaches Core Course’; ‘Global History MA Core Course’; ‘Medieval History MA Core Course’; ‘Classical Civilization Core Course’; University of London ‘Byzantine History MA Core Course’ (convened by Royal Holloway)