Media Appearances

Podcasts for Massolit Teaching Resources, November 2019

    • I am currently working with Massolit to provide podcast resources for GCSE (age 16) and A’ Level (age 17-18) school students around the theme of ‘Late Antiquity’. These include videos on the following topics: ‘What, when and where do we mean by ‘Late Antiquity’?’, ‘The rise and rise of religious empires in West and Central Asia and East Africa’, ‘A view from the west: fragmentation and transformation’, ‘A view from the north: new opportunities’, ‘Legacies of Rome’, ‘Late Antiquity in the Indian Ocean’, ‘T’ang China: the mirror of Rome?’, ‘Legacies of the Caliphate’.

Podcast for ‘Building Stories’, February 2019

    • I provided an interview for a radio programme in the series ‘Building Stories’, made by Folded Wing Radio, and due for release in May 2019, giving historical context for an architectural exploration of the sixth-century Basilica Cistern in Istanbul. It can be found online here.