May-June 2019, Birkbeck Institute of the Humanities Visiting Fellowship, supporting Prof. Rekha Pande (University of Hyderabad)

    • Having met Prof. Pande at two international conferences in Hyderabad, we worked together to bring Prof. Pande to Birkbeck on a Birkbeck Institute of the Humanities Visiting Fellowship. We are working together on two publications taking comparative approaches to aspects of global medieval history.

September 2015-, Institute for Medieval Studies, Leeds

    • Since September 2015 I have been an Affiliate Member of the Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds, with access to the annual Leeds International Medieval Congress and opportunities to work with research collections and scholars at the University of Leeds.

January 2016-, State Archaeology Museum, Telangana

    • Building on the Stein-Arnold grant, held in January 2016 (see ‘Research Funding’, above) to spend time in the State Archaeology Museum, I have been building a long-term collaboration to work on the Roman coins in the museum collection.

July 2015-, International Silk Roads Network

    • Following the success of the 2015 Leeds IMC panel involving Prof. Lin Ying (see ‘Research Funding’ above), I have continued to develop links with Silk Road researchers, especially in China. I was involved in June 2017 in an international colloquium on Late Antique gold coins in China, held at Northeast Normal University, Changchun, and in 2018 coordinated a full day of panels at the 2018 Leeds IMC presented by researchers based at universities in China.

November 2017, Islands in comparative perspective

    • A collaboration with Dr Luca Zavagno, Bilkent University, Ankara, and Dr Jonathan Jarrett, University of Leeds (Newton Mobility Grant, followed by Writing Workshop grant, above) has produced a special issue of al-Masaq on the theme of islands in comparative perspective (see Publications) . This has also been the basis for creating an Erasmus+ link between Bilkent and Birkbeck and co-taught Birkbeck seminars with Dr Zavagno.

August 2015-, All that glitters…

    • Co-designer and member of a project, ‘All that Glitters: the Byzantine gold solidus c. 306-1099’, examining the application of XRF analysis to Byzantine gold coins, bringing together members from the University of Birmingham, the University of Leeds, the British Museum, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts and Bruker Industries. With generous support from the Classical Numismatic Group Roman and Byzantine Fund.