PhD Students

I have a very good track record of attracting students interested in doctoral study, and supporting suitable candidates through the process of applying for funding. I am currently supervisor to three doctoral candidates, with another starting in January 2020. I am interested in supervising students interested in working on material perspectives on pre-modern global history, the Roman or Byzantine economy, numismatics and the Indian Ocean in Late Antiquity. Vivek Vasan, a student currently applying with my support for a PhD scholarship, can be found here talking about the experience of being an international student at Birkbeck. I have also organised a reading group for PhD students at Birkbeck working on medieval topics, and I have co-organised a CHASE-funded doctoral training programme, involving visits to a number of London collections.


Projects currently supervising:

January 2020-, PhD project examining the movement of objects between Korea, China and the Byzantine Empire in Late Antiquity

October 2019-, PhD project on the development of Christianising legislation in the 5th-century Byzantine Empire

October 2017-, PhD project on the role of charity in the early Islamic economy, supported by the ESRC

January 2016-, PhD project on the Middle Byzantine Economy


External Examining

    • I have been invited to act as external examiner of one PhD thesis, on Byzantine numismatics, by the University of Birmingham in 2017.