Peer-Reviewed Publications

Peer-Reviewed Sole-Author Publications

Darley, Rebecca, ‘罗马-拜占庭钱币的流入与印度次大陆的社会变迁 (The Inflow of Roman-Byzantine Coins and the Social Transformation in the Indian Subcontinent)’, trans. by Wang Baixu, 古代文明 (The Journal of Ancient Civilizations), 14.3 (2020), 43–50.

R. Darley (2019) ‘The Tale of the Theban Scholastikos, or, journeys in a disconnected sea’, Journal of Late Antiquity  12.2, 488-518.

R. Darley (2019) ‘Worth and value: new readings of Roman coins in the collection of the Telangana State Archaeology Museum’, in Proceedings of the International Conference, Rediscovering Telangana, Hyderabad, January 2017. Hyderabad: Department Heritage Telangana, 64-82.

R. Darley (2019) ‘Money, Art and Representation: the powerful and pragmatic faces of medieval coinage’, in R. Naismith (ed.) The Bloomsbury Cultural History of Medieval Money. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 99-124. Available electronically here.

R. Darley (2019) ‘The Island Frontier: Socotra, Sri Lanka and the Shape of Commerce in the Late Antique Western Indian Ocean’, Al-Masāq, 31.2, Special Issue, July 2019, 223-241. Available electronically here.

Darley, R. (2018) ‘Wege des Geldes: Zwei byzantinische Münzen auf der Reise von Empire zu Empire’, in A. Beyer, H. Bredekamp, U. Fleckner und G. Wolf (eds) Bilderfahrzeuge: Aby Warburgs Vermächtnis Und Die Zukunft Der Ikonologie, Verlag Klaus Wagenbach, Berlin, pp. 144–154, V. G. Topalova, Violeta Georgieva (trans).

Darley, R. (2018) ‘All that glitters…: the Byzantine gold solidus, c. 300-1092’ in M. Caccamo Caltabiano et al. (eds) Proceedings of the 25th International Numismatic Congress, Rome, 982-985. Proof copy available electronically here: INC_2018_Darley

Darley, R. (2017) ‘‘Implicit cosmopolitanism’ and the commercial role of ancient Lanka’ in Z. Biedermann and A. Strathern (eds) Sri Lanka at the Crossroads of History, London: UCL Press, 44-65. Available in PDF from UCL Press here.

Darley R. (2015) ‘Self, Other and the Use and Appropriation of Late Roman coins in south India and Sri Lanka (4th-7th centuries A.D.)’  in H. P. Ray (ed) Negotiating Cultural Identity: Landscapes in Early Medieval South Asian History, London and New Delhi: Routledge, 60-84. Proof copy available electronically here: 03_Ch 03 – RRD

Darley, R., published as R. Day, ‘A tale of ‘four’ hoards or unpicking Akki Alur’ (2012) Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society 211, 5-13. Pro-print copy available electronically here: Akki Alur – a tale of four hoards

Co-Authored Peer-Reviewed Publications

R. Darley and J. Hase (in press, 2019) ‘Collections to think with: collecting, scholarship and belonging in the R. E. Hart Collection (Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery)’, Journal of the History of Collections, yet to be assigned an issue, available electronically here.

R. Darley, J. Jarrett and L. Zavagno (2019) ‘“Not the final frontier”: the world of medieval islands’ (editorial), Al-Masāq, 31.2, Special Issue, July 2019, 129-139. Available electronically here.

Darley, R., D. Reynolds and C. Wickham Open Access Journals in Humanities and Social Science (2014) British Academy: London.

Darley, R. and D. Reynolds (2015) ‘Exhibiting coins as economic artefacts: Curating historical interpretation in Faith and Fortune‘  Journal of Art Historiography 13, 1-23.