Research Funding Awarded

Prior to joining the Bilderfahrzeuge project at the Warburg Institute, University of London in 2014, I had held grants for MA and PhD study, as well as funding for group and individual research projects and graduate conferences, amounting to around £150,000. Grants received subsequently are itemised below.  If you are writing a grant, I also offer proofreading and editorial support, using my experience to support your success.

March 2020-February 2023 British Academy Wolfson Fellowship

    • One of six awards made nationally to early career research projects in any area of the humanities and social sciences. This funding has been awarded to support the completion of my monograph, The Western Indian Ocean in Late Antiquity and to promote discussions at a global scale that will contribute to its completion.

January 2019-July 2019 GCRF Funding (Birkbeck)

    • Award to support a PhD student, Xuefei Han, from Sun Yat-Sen University to spend time studying at Birkbeck under my supervision, and a second award to support a research project by Prof. Gul Rahim of Peshawar University, conducting numismatic research at the British Museum, involving research and teaching collaborations with me during his stay.

May 2019 Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

    • Support awarded for Prof. Rekha Pande (University of Hyderabad) to travel to London, spend a month researching and organise a conference and workshop series with me on the role of gender in medieval global history

February 2019 Birkbeck Alumni and Development Research Innovation Fund

    • Award for archival research and network building at the Indian Institute for Research into Numismatic Study

January 2019 Institute of Classical Studies Conference Grant

    • Award to support Late Antique Archaeology conference co-organised with Dr Luke Lavan (University of Kent), providing money for overseas speakers on top of existing sponsorship funding.

October 2018-July 2019 CHASE Doctoral Training Programme

    • A sequences of workshops, organised with Dr Kat Hill (Early Modern History) on ‘Objects in Space, Subjects in Time: The Material Cultures of Postcolonial History’, involving workshops with various heritage institutions.

July 2018 CHASE Universities Council China in London

    • Award in a joint application with Xuefei Han, Sun Yat-Sen University, to support attendance and presentation as part of a one-day session at the Leeds International Medieval Congress on ‘Byzantine Studies in China’, coordinated by myself and Dr Li Qiang, Northeast Normal University.

March 2018-November 2018 British Academy Writing Workshop Grant

    • Successful application for funding to run four workshops in collaboration with Luca Zavagno at Bilkent University. This involved working with Birkbeck faculty and Bilkent early career scholars to develop knowledge of peer review practices and funding applications.

May 2017-November 2018 British Academy Newton Visiting Fellowship

    • Birkbeck acted as second host (alongside Leeds University) in an application for Luca Zavagno at Bilkent University to visit the UK for two research visits, including running a workshop on medieval islands at Birkbeck and participating in BA and doctoral teaching.

January 2017- Birkbeck Staff Development Fund

    • Award for Tamil tuition

September 2016-June 2017 Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

    • Full financial and administrative support provided for two conferences organised with Dr Mattia Chiriatti (Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid) on exile and punishment in Late Antiquity.

August 2015-October 2016, Getty Foundation

    • A place awarded on the competitive research seminar ‘Re-evaluating the Art of the Crusades’, organised by the Getty Foundation and SOAS. The seminar involved four all-inclusive visits to Turkey, Greece, Israel and Jordan, with subject specialists, to examine Crusader-period sites and remains.

January 2016, Stein-Arnold Exploration Fund (administered by the British Academy)

    • Award for a one-month research trip to Hyderabad, south India, to catalogue Roman coins in the collection of the Telangana State Archaeology Museum.

September 2015-April 2016, Roman and Byzantine Fund (Royal Numismatic Society)

    • Award as part of a group application to examine Byzantine gold coins in the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, using XRF analysis.

September 2015, International Numismatic Congress

    • Award for attendance at the 25th International Numismatic Congress, Taormina.

July 2015, Universities Council China in London (UCCL)

    • Award in a joint application with Prof. Lin Ying, Sun Yat-Sen University, to support Prof. Lin in presenting on a panel I organised at the Leeds International Medieval Congress.