The continuing role of Learned Societies in the production of knowledge and communities of scholarship is, I believe, of huge importance in ensuring that intellectual endeavour remains a broad-based and collaborative exercise. I am, or have been, a member of several societies, with particularly active involvement in the Royal Numismatic Society and the UK Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies.

2014-, The Oriental Numismatic Society

    • Ordinary member.

2015-17, Society for Roman Studies

    • Ordinary Member.

2011-, The Royal Numismatic Society

    • Elected to membership March 2011. Elected to Council 2014-19.

2011-, The South Indian Numismatic Society

    • Life member.

2011-13-, Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

    • Ordinary Member.

2010-14, American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies

    • Ordinary Member

2009-, Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

    • Elected to the Executive Committee 2016-20.