Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

Having been a member of the UK Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies since 2009, I was elected to the Executive Committee in 2016 and served in this role until 2020.

In addition, I managed the creation in March 2017 of the Bryer Postgraduate Travel Fund, in memory of Prof. Anthony Bryer, raising £13,500 so far and creating a sustainable financial and administrative place for the fund within the larger portfolio of the SPBS. I administer the fund as its Secretary from 2017-20 and was delighted in 2019 to issue its first award. The Fund exists to support innovative, experimental and adventurous research by post-graduate researchers in Byzantine studies. In particular, it exists to enable travel for research beyond the scope of conference grants or other structured events. For information about applying for this award please see the SPBS website.