Work in Progress

Monograph in preparation:

The Western Indian Ocean in Late Antiquity

Proposed length: 90,000-100,000 words

Summary: This monograph examines the relationship between political and economic structures around the shores of the western Indian Ocean, c. AD 200-800 and the impact of these on experiences of individual mobility. This is achieved through survey chapters of regional developments alongside case study explorations of individual texts and material corpora. These are juxtaposed to provide a new understanding of varied evidence types and their combination. They also serve to reframe dominant narratives of premodern globality and challenge modern uses of earlier phases of global and imperial history in support of neoliberal economic policy. 

For submission to Cambridge University Press, Maritime History series, 2022/23


Publications in press (review complete and awaiting proofs or published copy):

R. Darley (in press, 2020) ‘Byzantine coins and peninsular India’s Late Antiquity’, Journal of Ancient Civilizations 33, due December 2018. (10,000 words. Awaiting proofs and pagination.)

R. Darley (in press, November 2019) ‘The Tale of the Theban Scholastikos, or, journeys in a disconnected sea’, Journal of Late Antiquity  12.2, 488-518.


Publications under review or being revised:

R. Darley, ‘Seen from across the sea: India in the Byzantine worldview’, in L. Brubaker, R. Darley and D. Reynolds (eds) Global Byzantium: proceedings of the 50th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies. London: Routledge. (8000 words, comments returned by editorial team, awaiting press review, expected publication date 2020).

R. Darley, ‘Who ate all the pepper? Mid-level consumption in the Mediterranean and new perspectives on the economic transformations of Late Antiquity’, in L. Brubaker, A. Kelley and Flavia Vanni (eds) Peasants and Poverty in Byzantium. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (8000 words, with editors).


Publications currently in development:

R. Darley, ‘Fingerprints on the past: ancient knowledge to modern media’, in M. Okyere Asante (ed.), Classics and Global Humanities: proceedings of the inaugural conference of the Classical Association of Ghana, to be submitted by 30th November 2019.

  • An examination of the movement of a set of unique texts about ancient Greek and Roman understandings of Asia and Africa from their collection in a ninth-century Byzantine manuscript to their digitisation in the twenty-first century by the University of Heidelberg. This chapter explores how access to information and changes in learning intersected with particular moments in the development of the modern world.

R. Darley and R. Tomber, ‘Comparing ceramic and numismatic evidence to shed new light on Indo-Roman trade’, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

  • Currently in progress. Anticipated for submission by March 2020.

F. Audy, R. Darley, Y. Lin, ‘Beyond imperial frontiers: the meaning and value of Byzantine coins outside their economic context’, Dumbarton Oaks Papers.

  • A complex collaborative article constituting the first thorough comparison of Byzantine coins found in China, Scandinavia and India. We currently have a text of around 12,000 words and expect to  have a text ready for submission by July 2020.

R. Darley, ‘The role of scholarly notices and journal articles in the western European imagining of ‘the Orient’, c. 1550-1890’, to be submitted to Past & Present.

  • This is an article examines the development of ‘Oriental studies’ (broadly construed) in Europe and the USA, beginning with early editions of classical European texts about the east and concluding with a survey of who contributed to Oriental Studies journals up to 1890, examining changing demographics within the field of study. Anticipated for submission by February 2020.