Work with Schools

University of Birmingham Byzantine Outreach event 2012. School student during the manuscript making workshop.

I firmly believe that the study of the past is for everybody. I also believe that the study of the past at university should seem like an achievable and exciting goal for anybody who is interested. To this end, I have pursued opportunities to work with school-age learners, especially young students who may not have thought about history as a career, and students from schools and areas with low levels of university participation.

4th June 2019, Westminster Kingsway College

    • I co-organised a workshop, with my Birkbeck colleague Dr Kat Hill, bringing together sixth-form students considering studying History at degree level and PhD students and university faculty. This is part of the CHASE-funded workshop ‘Objects in Space, Subjects in Time: The Material Cultures of Postcolonial History’.

1st October 2018, Walthamstow Academy Festival of the Humanities

    • I presented two short workshops designed and run for 120 Year 2 and 3 children, looking at Roman trade with India and using coins as evidence.

10th October 2017, Alleyns School

    • By invitation of the History Department, I gave a short presentation and discussion on the rise of Islam for AS’ and A’ Level students, to supplement their curriculum and promote medieval studies at Birkbeck.

January 2012-September 2015, University of Birmingham

    • With two colleagues at the University of Birmingham  and consultants from Sandwell Council, I co-designed ‘Byzantium Matters: History for Your Future’, an outreach programme working with Sandwell Council. We delivered a one-day study session on Byzantine material culture to 14-17 year-olds from local schools. The programme ran for three years.

January-June 2011, University of Birmingham

    • I delivered three outreach sessions to groups of 30, 40 and 65 students (aged 13-15) who were participating in the University of Birmingham Schools Outreach Initiative. I led interactive discussions about the use of coins in modern British and early Byzantine society and coins as evidence of global connectivity.