Work with Schools

Coins are a wonderful medium for introducing even very young children to the study of the ancient and medieval worlds. They are familiar and ubiquitous objects that can consequently be used to give young learners a tangible link to the similarities and differences of past societies. I thoroughly enjoy opportunities to work with school-age learners and to promote my region and period of research as something relevant, exciting and inclusive.

1st October 2018, Walthamstow Academy Festival of the Humanities

    • Two short workshops designed and run for 120 Year 2 and 3 children, looking at Roman trade with India and using coins as evidence.

10th October 2017, Alleyns School

    • A short presentation and discussion on the rise of Islam for AS’ and A’ Level students, to supplement their curriculum and promote medieval studies at Birkbeck.

January-September 2012, University of Birmingham

    • ‘History for Your Future’ outreach programme with Sandwell Council. Co-designed an outreach event with a colleague at the University of Birmingham and consultants from Sandwell Council to deliver a one-day study session on Byzantine material culture to 14-17 year-olds from local schools.

January-June 2011, University of Birmingham

    • University of Birmingham Schools Outreach Sessions. I delivered three outreach sessions to groups of 30, 40 and 65 students (aged 13-15) visiting the university. Led interactive discussions about the use of coins in modern British and early Byzantine society and coins as evidence of global connectivity.