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About the past; with the past; for the present

Stories, poems, essays, articles and even some books (nearly)… For as long as I can remember, I’ve written. As a historian, I’ve published numerous works about coinage, museology and collections history, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and Open Access publishing. Over the years I have also written about history for blogs and magazines. In this section of my website you can find out about my existing publications and projects that I’m working on.

Almost all of my published work so far is about the past but in recent years I have also returned to fiction writing. Watch this space for updates, and check out my blog for thoughts about how studying the past has shaped the ways I now try to tell stories. From imagined futures to fictitious pasts, whatever I write is always an attempt to make sense of the present!

“The past was not fair or righteous, any more than the present. However, the past is infinitely giving. Its traces are an imperfect record of all of the experience of every person who has ever lived.”

Rebecca Darley (2020)